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Tubes by proxy

09 Oct 2007

On Friday, I am bored and want video games. But no Internet service! How to download new games to Wii?!


  • One VX8300 cellular telephone.
  • One Macintosh Book Professional.
  • One Nintendo Wii.


  1. Connect VX8300 to MacBook via Bluetooth.
  2. Configure MacBook to use VX8300 as a modem for free. This is an undocumented Verizon feature!
  3. Put MacBook in ad-hoc wireless mode.
  4. Enable internet sharing on MacBook.
  5. Inform Wii of wireless network.
  6. Access Wii Store!

Full data path: Internet -> Verizon Wireless -> CDMA 2000 (1x) -> VX8300 -> Bluetooth -> MacBook -> 802.11g -> Wii.

Operation was a success. Breath of Fire II acquired.