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Dingus 0.2 Is Released

24 Oct 2009

Finally, Dingus 0.2 is released. Dingus is a super-permissive record-then-assert mock/stub library that started life as a fork of Michael Foord's mock library. See the original Dingus screencast for more information.

There aren't any huge changes in this release. The biggest changes are:

  • DingusTestCase has an "exclude" argument to allow you to avoid stubbing some module attributes.
  • The "one" method is now named "once". E.g., my_dingus.calls('foo').once()"
  • There's a much better introductory-level example included.
  • Dinguses are now picklable.

You can download Dingus at the package index and the source code on BitBucket. Enjoy!