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PeepCode Play by Play Screencast

05 Jan 2011

Back in July, Geoffrey Grosenbach and I got together and programmed for a few hours, recording the session as a screencast. We hacked on a particular problem using Ruby, RSpec, Vim, Git, and the Unix shell, focusing the whole time on why I did things the way I did. Geoffrey recently published that screencast at PeepCode with his usual editing magic, adding annotations and additional explanations to our programming session.

Along the way, we hit many diverse topics ranging from the high level, like the four rules of simple design, all the way down to the lowest level, like why it's better to say Vjd in Vim than 2dd.

The screencast's page on PeepCode has a preview video and some other preview content. The screencast itself isn't free, but it's also fifteen times the length of my average screencast and professionally edited. As always, feedback is appreciated.